Tomorrow’s Memories

Here we are in my country, all four of us, two of us (Vito and myself) remembering years now long past, treading in our old footprints, and the other two (Siscu and Sheela) treading new steps. All of us are making new memories together, on top of the old footprints and memories. These are our experiences today which one day will be our memories yesterday.

We’re living the walks, the runs and all the moments shared in our little family together with my family and old friends here. These are precious moments, as are any moments shared with loved ones. This is what marks the passage of time – the moments, the souls that touch you while the seasons and the years pass by. The years pass and many things change, but what remain are emotions, if they are pure.

No souvenir sitting on a shelf or hung from your neck is comparable or more precious than those that we carry in our hearts.

Every day (if we live emotions in their purest form), we are creating new experiences and new memories to carry in our hearts, where they will never gather dust, never rust and never break.

With a full heart, I continue savouring these days here, creating tomorrow’s memories


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