400 km non-stop – Running 4 Her

From the 4th – 7th June 2014

For her final extreme challenge Alex ran her longest run in one stretch. She set off running from Plaza del Vi at the Girona City Hall on Wednesday the 4th of June at 5pm and arrived at Girona Cathedral on Saturday the 7th of June at 9.23 pm. After running 400 km, she managed to run up the 90 steps to the cathedral door! She ran the 400 km around Girona province. During the 78 and a bit hours she only slept for five and a half hours (to prevent major risks).
Despite many problems including dangerously high temperatures on the least day, Alex achieved her challenge exhausted but in perfect health, concluding 13 challenges in 7 years without a single abandonment or injury, making her one of the few people on the planet with such a track record. With this charity project Alex was promoting women’s strength and together with 65 teenage girls from La Vall College in Bellaterra she was supporting various women’s charities.

  • Distance 400 km
  • Time 78 hours and 23 minutes

170 km “mini” non-stop challenge

12th-13th March 2014

In preparation for her June 400 km non-stop challenge, Alex ran the 170 km that link up the two Catalan cities of Girona and Barcelona. Alex set off at 10am on the 12th from Girona Cathedral Рthe planned arrival for her June challenge Рand ran non-stop to Plaza Espa̱a in Barcelona. The two following days she was in the Barcelona Marathon expo promoting the Running4Her charities, and on the Sunday she ran the marathon.

  • Distance 170 km
  • Time 27 hrs

24-hours solo run in London’s Crystal Palace stadium

13th – 14th April 2012

Alex set out to run a 24 hour run in London’s historic Crystal Palace stadium. She was helping to raise money and awareness for the Trussell Trust UK Foodbank network. Her goal was to break her personal record of 184 km. She ran 188.29 km despite facing numerous obstacles – logistical and physical. After finishing in Crystal Palace, Alex had a second arrival, At Millwall Football Club’s Den stadium, on the pitch at half-time during Millwall FC’s at home match against Leicester City.

  • Distance: 188.29 km
  • Time: 24 hours

315 km running solo for Foodbank

13th, 14th and 15th October 2011

It was Alex’s first solo challenge outside Spain, and the first of three solo challenges supporting the Trussell Trust’s Foodbank network in the UK.
She set out running from the Trussell Trust’s headquarters in Salisbury and ran non-stop, without rest or sleep all the way to Norwich – some 315 km. After numerous obstacles in terms of the route the hilly landscape and her own exhaustion, Alex arrived in Norwich City FC’s Carrow road stadium at halftime during the Norwich City FC’s fixture match against Swansea in front of 27,000 spectators.

  • Distance: 315 km
  • Height difference: 12,000m
  • Time: 50 hrs

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