The Ultra Pyrene – kilometrating 1000 km in 12 days

The UltraPyrene, 1-12  September 2010.

Kilometrating from San Sebastian-Donosti crossing the Pyrenees with a bottle of water from the Cantabric Sea to Cadaques, where she united the Cantabric Sea and the Mediterranean Sea by emptying the bottle inte the sea there.  On average she did almost two marathons every day (83 km on average).  During the challenge were sold solidary t-shirts in favor of disabled sports: in this case benefitting ASEM of Catalonia.

  • Distance: 1000 Km
  • Accumulated inclination: 29.000 m

Solo challenge for Disabled Sports /Alexandra Panayotou 24 hours

La Maquinista, Barcelona. 10 and 11 June 2010.

Coinciding with the celebration of its 10th anniversary, La Maquinista made available a 1.4 km circuit around the shopping complex for Alexandra to complete her challenge.  For each round completed by her or any of the athletes that showed up to accompany her for a few kilometres the centre donated 1 Euro in favour of adapted sports.

  • Distance: 183.95 Km
  • Acc height metres: 2500m
  • Time: 24 hours
  • Result: 183.95 Km

Montserrat – Matagalls – Montserrat

Matagalls, Catalonia, Spain. 6 and 7 November 2009

Solo Challenge to launch an environmental awareness campaign and a new ultra distance race. Ultra distance course using the Matagalls/Montserrat route starting from Montserrat and returning to the point of origin.

  • Distance: 166 km
  • Acc height metres: 12,375 m
  • Time limit: 28 hours
  • Result: completed in 26 hours and 55 minutes

2010 km solo in 31 days

Barcelona – Barcelona circling half of Spain. 6 June to 6 July 2009.

Promoting the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona 2010.

Running on average 70 km/day and 30 km on Sundays. 20 mountain passes; crossing the Monegros mountain deserts twice uniting 10 provincial capitals. The challenge was completed successfully as planned arriving to the Olympic Stadium Lluis Companys.

  • Distance: 2,010 km
  • Acc height metres: 28
  • Time: 31 days
  • Result: completed exactly as planned

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