Retreat 2nd – 9th August 2015

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Development Program/Retreat

At a crossroads in your personal or professional life? Ready for a change in direction? Want to develop your strengths and self-confidence and achieve your maximum potential in all areas of your life?


The ideal natural setting for this retreat where you will disconnect from everyday stress and focus on your inner development.

Alex Panayotou’s Essential Development program is based in Papigo, one of the Zagoria villages famous for its untouched beauty, wild mountain trails, crystal clear rivers, and its amazing views of the Pindus Mountain range. This provides the perfect backdrop to look within and begin the development necessary for you to build the future you desire.

The program

Essential Development is an in-depth and at times demanding personal development course.

The program offers a balance between one-on-one sessions, group sessions, workshops, and discussion groups as well as other activities designed to facilitate self-analysis, self-awareness, focus, and self-confidence.

Who for?

For anyone at a crossroads in their professional or personal life, who is ready for a change in direction or simply ready to further develop their self-esteem and self-realisation. In this powerful, positive, and interactive program each participant will begin a journey of self-discovery, and will learn and practice some of the most important steps for discovering his/her strengths and passions. The availability of individual coaching sessions ensures a personalised approach for each participant. Each person will be encouraged to take an honest look at their lives and evaluate how they feel about the various aspects of it, and thus begin to address, which areas need development.


At Essential Development we will take a holistic approach to personal development. We will address development both from an inner/psychological point of view as well as a physical one. We will discuss in depth how the following affects our inner development: our environment, diet, physical activity, the people in our lives, and our self-image, and will work on the importance of recognising weaknesses while learning to harness and focus on our strengths, so as to further develop and overcome life’s obstacles. Individuals are encouraged to work on both short and long-term goal setting. Each participant will leave with take-away tools for continuing the process started at Essential Development.


Participants will leave Essential Development with a clearer and more focused view on where they are at present, and which direction they want to move in. They will feel stronger, calmer, more confident, and more motivated than when they arrived, and will have a simple set of tools and steps for continuing the development they began at the retreat. Each individual will have a clearer view on the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and the role it plays in their own development, and will therefore have the necessary knowledge for choosing the next steps in their development.

This is a 7 days and 7 nights all-inclusive (excluding airfare) development program with daily sessions, superb local meals, and nature at its purest.

Development sessions

These sessions may vary in title, order, or content depending on participants – the program is tailored to each group and each individual specifically. However, the overall inputs and objectives will be consistent with this unique overall approach.

One on One. One – or as required two – private sessions aimed at self-analysis and goal setting.

Personal & Interpersonal Excellence. Focuses on how to achieve your maximum potential and develop a positive attitude in order to better handle and overcome all manner of obstacles, and deals with developing interpersonal relations via

Personal Excellence.

Think Positive. Shows participants the importance of developing a positive attitude to life, and gives them the daily tools with which to do so.

Path-finding. Focuses on handling strengths vs. weaknesses and helps participants analyse their own particular direction.

Facing and Overcoming Fears and Doubts. Helps individuals evaluate risks and find the balance to face their doubts or fears.

Move or Die. Addresses the importance of exercise in our lives and the positive effect it has on our mental stability, self-esteem, and professional performance.

Visualisation. One of the strongest tools for achieving your goals. We show you the way.

You Are What You Eat and Drink. The importance of health in our professional performance and personal wellbeing.

The Others in Your World. How others fit into our lives and how they affect us.

Outdoors activities

Essential Development is a tailor-made course. The choice of the outdoors activities are subject to change depending on weather conditions, the group itself, and on the individual participants’ level of fitness. Routes and activities may include:

Vikos Gorge Trek/Run

Drakolimni Lake Trek/Run

Voidomatis River Walk


Papigo-Kokkino Lithari – Mikro Papigo Walk

Ovires/Kolimpithres (natural rock swimming pools)

Rafting (optional)

Rock Climbing (optional)


Horseback riding

What’s included?

Deluxe lodging (single occupancy) in beautiful, traditional Zagori mountain hotel

Welcome gift – t-shirt, notebook & more

Insurance for all activities

Orientation session

• Daily guided morning outdoor activity

One-on-one session (minimum one session)

• Daily afternoon theory sessions

• Special relaxation sessions

• All necessary printed training material

• Homemade abundant breakfast buffet with local specialties

Picnic lunches & fresh fruit daily

• Afternoon tea/coffee with homemade cakes or cookies

• Abundant evening meal – healthy Greek specialties

Guided tourist route of the Zagori villages (optional)

Rafting (optional)

Goodbye celebration

Goodbye gift


• Airport pick up & delivery & all transport during the stay

The complete trip

Travel: A mini-bus will collect all participants arriving at Thessaloniki (Salónica) airport, and will return them to Thessaloniki airport. Transport can be arranged separately for people wishing to arrive at Ioannina Airport (please ask for details).

Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to Greece.

Lodging: In Papigo Village at Tsouka Rossa, a luxury boutique hotel in the traditional style with modern facilities, featuring spacious interiors and gardens with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Food: Abundant, healthy, and delicious traditional Greek and international cuisine all prepared from fresh local produce. Menus are designed for optimum health and enjoyment.

For further information you can contact us by e-mail: or telephone +34 692 099 875 / +34 618 270 122

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