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Alex achived all thirteen of her running challenges during the eight years of her sporting career without abandoning or injury! Now it’s time for focusing on her executive and personal development programs, her motivational speaking, her writing careeer while she continues to design and launch charity projects.

Alex  achieved all her solo challenges over the 8 years of her running career, having never abandoned a race or a challenge.Below are just a couple of her outstanding solo charity challenges.

Alex ran her final chellenge in June 2014: Running4Her was a 400 kilometre solo run in Catalonia Spain starting and finishing in Girona City. Alex ran almost non-stop. She rested only 4-5 hours during the 76.5 hour challenge. Running4Her was more than an extreme solo running event. It was aimed at promoting women’s strength, and raising money and awareness for women’s charities. It was also an educational project – together with a group of 65 sixteen year-old girls Alex developed the project from the base up and offered the girls from La Vall College the opportunity to work and design a professional project.

In October 2011 and April 2012, she successfully added two more solo endurance challenges to her already impressive list of achievements.  With both these solo undertakings, Alex was running in support of the Trussell Trust’s Foodbank network, in order to help to raise awareness for the excellent work that Foodbank network does in helping to properly feed people in crisis through the charity’s more than 170 centres across Great Britain.

Clip highlighting Alex’s recent 315 km run from Salisbury to Norwich

Clip from TV Espana featuring Alex as studio guest on main Spanish sports show discussing the 315 km challenge

Highlight photos of Alex’s previous sporting collaborations and recent 315 km run from Salisbury to Norwich. View Photo gallery

The first challenge was a gruelling non-stop 315 kilometre run from Salisbury to Norwich, ending at Norwich City FC’s Carrow Road stadium during their Premier League match against Swansea City on 15th October 2012. Alex completed the 315 km in 50 hours, having run without interruption from lunch time on Thursday 13th October over two full nights in challenging circumstances. Her second UK run was a solo 24 hour non-stop run at the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace during 13th-14th April 2011, where immediately following completion of the 24 hour run itself she followed up with a second arrival at Millwall Football Club in South London, finishing on the pitch during half time of Millwall FC’s home game against Leicester City on Saturday 14th April.  Millwall FC’s Den stadium is situated in a part of London that benefits directly from a number of nearby Foodbank centres, including the local branch in neighbouring Peckham. During this challenge Alex achieved her goal of breaking her personal 24-hour record, running a total of 188.29 kilometres.

Alex's arrival in The Den at Millwall F.C.

Alex’s current focus on her speaking career, her executive and personal development carreer, and her writing

Following almost 8 years of dedication to running and achieving solo endurance challenges, Alex has decided to now focus on her growing management programs and motivational speaking business. Alex has found that the real value in her running career has come not from the magnificent and exciting arrivals, but rather from all she has learned during each of her endeavours. Being able to successfully overcome every obstacle and every hardship or problem she encountered during her endurance career has enabled her to develop and put into practice a number of philosophies, principles and tools. For years she has been putting these tools to use not only in her running but also in her professional and personal life.

Alex is a natural public speaker, who over the last 6 years has created a series of motivational talks, executive and self-development programmes, as well as a series of sports-related programmes and executive and personal development retreats. Alex has decided to focus more on this area of her career going forward, taking her in a logical direction for someone, who not only has something worthwhile to say about achievement, but also has the innate ability to communicate her messages with genuine inspiration.

For further information on Alex’s programs and motivational talks, along with regular articles:

Alex has also just finished work on her latest book: Small Steps Towards Excellence. Along with her speaking career, she plans to further pursue her writing career with books as well as articles in magazines and online.

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