Unveiling the Ultra Pyrene

Today was very special for me, in being able to present the Ultra Pyrene in the Olympic Museum of BCN. I feel very at home there as I’ve presented most of my solo challenges there – I am extremely fond of it.

Together with Siscu, JMA, Oz, Ana Rey and Juan José Moro – president of ASEM Catalunya, I shared this new challenge – one which Im looking forward to very much – though I don’t underestimate it. I know it won’t be an easy or a sure challenge. But as I’ve said before, sure and easy doesn’t make a challenge! I don’t waste time thinking of negative things. I’ve studied it all thoroughly, I’m very well trained, and now I’m concentrating on the last mental preparation, so that by September the 1st I’m ready to throw myself at the heights that are calling out to me.

Apart from all this, which is basic, with a team so prepared, so caring and so joyful, and with so much support from the town halls, ASEM and all those near and far, I know that I will be surrounded by positive energy. With this energy combined with my own joy and motivation, I know that I will be able to overcome a lot.

I had an added gift today in having La pequeña Mar, Estefi and more friends to help in sharing everything that is the Ultra Pyrene. Together with Joan Redolad and Ana Rey, I also presented this web’s renovation.

I was a day to remember – one step more towards this new adventure…


3 Responses to “Unveiling the Ultra Pyrene”

  • Alex:

    Erlinda – I’ll Ask my webmaster and let you know. It definitely works for Mac so there shouldn’t be any problem!

  • Alex:

    Erlinda – I just spoke to Joan our webmaster and he’s checking it out to see why you’re having this problem.
    BTW Of course its fine if you go off topic – I’m delighted that you’re here in the web, welcome and keep coming back!

  • Alisha Hovde:

    Thanks this made for very intresting reading. I really love your site, the theme is really cool. I have came here a number of times but never left a commented, just wanted to let you know… Keep up the excellent work!

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