100 km done after a long long night

At 8:30 this morning I’ve done the first 100 km trough La Escala. The first night has been very tough, critic from 1 to 6 and worst between 6 and 8, depite I was with other runners till 3 AM I have suffered a lot the lack of sleeping, and from 6 to 8 I was literally asleep while running. I started my recovering after 9 AM when the sun start heating, my my feeling this morning is that I’m going to fight till the end for the people and the team, but right now I don’t want to suffer anymore.

Let`s  kilometrate,

Running4her team

6 Responses to “100 km done after a long long night”

  • Roser:

    ¡Mucha fuerza! Endavant i força !
    A resistir corriendo, mucho coraje!!


    Ehhhh!!!!!, petarda!!!, ánimo!!!!!!!!!!, que estamos todos mandando energías positivas pallá!!!….lucha como tú sabes, pero nunca olvides que TÚ eres lo más importante….besos de toda la gente de Almería!!!!!

  • Moira:

    Hi Alex

    It’s Moira here, friend of Ciskas. Wishing you all the best and sending big love for the remainder of the run. Keep going and keep strong. I always remember the hilarious book signing at Ciskas. I laugh hard when I even think about it, then when I see the photos it’s even funnier!!!

    Lots of love and big hug at the end, Moira xx

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