Tick tock, tick tock…the hour approaches rapidly!

I didn’t need an alarm clock today – with Robyn’s first snuffle I was wide awake. There was no keeping my brain asleep today. So many months of traning, logistics, planning, charity work with the La vall girls, so much fear and so much joy and now I’m finally here. There aren’t words to describe the fear, the joy, the terror, the emotion, and above all all the support I’m receiving. Uph, I don’t think the tears will hold off till the worst moments of the challenge – they’re already threatening to spill over no!

I want to thank all of you who are here for me, some of you are right here, and others of you are further away for unavoidable reasons, but family, friends, friends yet unmet face to face, I feel your support and know that you make me stronger.

Thanks to the La vall girls who will be doing a flashmob celebration at 7pm in Sant Cugat – you’re all wonderful!

Thanks to all our collaborators – you ave helped get me here today.

I hope to see many of you along the road of the 400 kms – and those of you who cannot get there, you can follow  the live GPS tracmove tracker by clicking on the “Where’s Alex?” banner . My team will be posting news ad photos here every morning, midday and night, as well as regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.

I don’t have any idea what will happen between today and Saturday but I do know that it will all be worthwhile. It will be a growing experience for me certainly and for the Dream Team. These experiences are priceless.

My deepest thanks go to my team – those who will be traveling in the motor homes – Dream Mobile – those on the “Catching up with Alex” documentary team, and those who will be helping out from base camp. Without you guys it would mean nothing at all. I love you all – you wonderful family.

Starting time 5pm CET PLaça del Vi, Girona and finish time this Saturday from 8pm at the Girona Cathedral.

So no more words left except…A Kilometrar and Be Excellent!

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