170 km from Girona Cathedral to Barcelona!

Tomorrow I run my 2nd mini challenge – 170 km non-stop. At this point it doesn’t seem too mini to me but once it’s over it’ll be a huge step towards my 400 km this June.

My original plans fell through due to problems getting permits to run in BCN (astounding!) – but Plan B has turned out much better than Plan A (that’s why we always need to be flexible!).

At 10am I will be setting off form Girona Cathedral (the finish line of my 400km run this June) with a warm send of from the wonderful Isabel Muradas – delegate for sports and women’s issues in Girona. I will cross a mountain accompanied by Xevi Avellana my local guide and friend, to ensure I don’t get lost, and will then be accompanied by Siscu and Jordi who will take it in turns to follow me till Barcelona. I should arrive on Thursday. The rest of my team is tied up with work issues due to the fact that I was only informed of the change in plans at the end of last week.

I will take the coastal road from Palamos all the way to Barcelona.

You can follow the training live via the tracker by clicking the banner “Where’s Alex” to the right of this blog.

Ill be posting videos and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

On Friday I’ll be at the BCN Marathon Expo where I’ll give a talk at 1pm and will also be there all Saturday at my Running 4 Her stand, following that I’ll be running (slowly) the Barcelona Marathon…what a week, concert on Saturday followed by all this!

Be Excellent!

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