A Huge Success!

Last Saturday’s concert, Singing 4 Her was a huge success!

Congratulations to all the singers and dancers your performance was spectacular! A special thanks goes to the musicians for their musical talent and for their time: Sonya Dockrell, Xavier Paris, Nat & the Papas – Natalia Maeso, Alex Granda, Juan Carlos Garcia, Albert Roca, Jose Gabriel Bento, Joan Frances Albacete, Albert Gumà.

Thanks to all the Running 4 Her team – students, teachers (especially Ester Hurtado, Laura Pons and Roser Farrus)and my own team members, as well as Albert Alguersuari – your work was invaluable.

My deepest thanks to Ajuntament de Girona – your support, joy, energy and heart truly stands out. The total support of the Generalitat de Catalunya continues wonderfully – I am grateful indeed.

Thank you also to all our sponsors and collaborators.

The support and help offered by Javier Mu̱oz of Jana Productions was a true luxury for us Рthank you!

Some special words are needed for Albert Gumà – apart from being a great drummer, he was technical and stage director, but his dedication didn’t stop there. His work prior to the concert as regards visuals, coordination and general support was priceless – my friend I give my heartfelt thanks. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to put this concert together.

And a final THANKS goes to the audience – you were wonderful!

I leave you with a few of the first images we have until we receive the official photos…tomorrow I’ll be posting the first official photos by Paul Mac Manus!

Be Excellent!

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