Week 1, and what a week!

The week has flown by with Running 4 Her growing and developing. Tuesday’s press release at the Colet Museum in Barcelona went beautifully. We managed to fill the room – a feat rarely seen said Ivan Tibau, the Secretary General of Sports for the Generalitat of Catalunya, who accompanied me in presenting Running 4 Her along with Monserrat Gatell, President of the Catalan Women’s Institute, And Teresa Martinez Head Mistress of La Vall College.

Nearly all the girls involved in the project along with their teachers and mentors were present – it was a pleasure and an honour to share our wonderful project with the public for the first time.

Here’s a link to the video that was made by out multimedia group and their Mentor Albert for the launching of Running 4 Her: ENJOY!

The feedback we have had since presenting it has been strong, with articles, radio interviews all week and the social media – our first steps in spreading our message. You can find the press clippings in the Press Downloads page here. We have to keep working hard, but with the support we are receiving we have certainly got the energy to do so!

On Wednesday we held the casting for out March concert Singing 4 Her – what a joy, what an amazing surprise. The event was organised by the concert coordination group and was coordinated perfectly. And as for the singing…I knew we would have talent, but I was not ready for quite so much talent! Our concert promises to be a night to remember. Today the final song decisions will be made together with the musicians and next week we should start rehearsals.

My training is really picking up now, and not a moment too soon as next week on Tuesday the 12th at 12:00 we present Running 4 Her in Girona at the Town Hall (details posted later). On Sunday the 17th I run my first official steps of this challenge…stay tuned here for news of the mini-event!

Be excellent!

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