A great Coca-Cola welcome to Istanbul

Yesterday afternoon I gave my first keynote speech for the Coca-Cola Eurasia y Africa Group here in Istanbul – I went phenomenally well. The group was incredible, though this wasn’t a surprise for me…when you gather 160 fired up marketing experts from such a strong and successful company, it’s hardly surprising that the audience will be energised, motivated, intelligent and very open to new thoughts and ideas. And it was just so – it was a huge pleasure sharing my experiences with them.

This morning it’s time for more with my second key note speech at 9am, after which I’m off for the airport to return to BCN as tomorrow morning I have another talk for General Elecric – another city, another group but I have no doubt they’ll be great.
What a warm and wonderful welcome Coca-Cola has given me here in Istanbul. From the first moment they have taken care of my every need with a warmth that shows just what sort of people they are – congratulations Team Coca-Cola!
Be Excellent!

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