Exciting Progress

I have had an amazingly productive and exciting week. I have had some great runs, with Frank, Jordi and Oz, and have had wonderful meetings in Barcelona with Pere Alcober, Vilaprat, Samia and Margarita.

Plans for my next and final great solo running challenge are progressing very well and excitingly. There is a great deal of work to do still but the foundations are set. The team is coming together, the structure is growing – it looks as though it will not only be my toughest challenge so far, but it will be ground-breaking in terms of its educational and social value, and will be an original and extremely exciting new approach to prepare for, develop, and launch a challenge of this sort.

Regarding my speaking engagements there is also exciting progress there – I’m in the process of preparing two excellent new talks which I will be giving in Istanbul in ten days time, along with another two talks here in Barcelona for later in April.

The truth is that I am exceedingly busy and even more motivated than usual  – and that’s saying a lot! So after a few more hours of work this afternoon, I’ll be disconnecting for the weekend – R& R & family time is essential. I can only achieve all these goals and challenges with excellence if I also balance out my personal time. All work and no play would make Alex a much less productive woman!

Be Excellent!

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