And just for fun…set off at 3am for an 8o something km trot

This morning Siscu and I went for a very short 8 km run – sun, cold and happiness! We ran so few because tonight, Oz Jordi and myself are setting out for a very long 80 something km run – darkness, cold and happiness! Uph!… the truth is that I am really not looking forward to this run right now, apart from the pleasure of sharing another adventures with our friends, but since the boys want to do a long training, and as I’m in such good shape after Almería, well I said yes. We’re going to be running very slowly, and walking on the uphills, so it wont be nearly as tough as the Almería challenge. It will be long – some 14 – 16 hours of running, and that’s assuming we don’t get lost, as the trail is new for us…
It promises though, to be a great adventure – a new route all the way to Vic – and I know altho as soon as we’ve set off with our headlamps on and our packs full of water and sandwiches, I’ll be excited and will thoroughly enjoy the experience. But right now, seated in my office – uphhhhhhh!
Vito and Sheela are calling to me now, to accompany them on their walk along with Visi sand Santi our neighbors, after which it’s time to prepare dinner as Oz and Jordi will be coming round to be fed and will sleep a few hours before our alarm goes off at 2am…
Be Excellent!

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