Ready, steady and off I go!

Last night’s presentation/talk went phenomenally well – it was a great pleasure to be able to share this challenge and my story with such a warm and positive group! I was already motivated and excited about this challenge, and was then truly touched when the presented Frank and me with a special commemorative plaque of the challenge and the original painting of the official poster…what thoughtful and caring touches. Photos etc will come later or tomorrow.

Whils Siscu is preparing sandwiches, I’m having a cuppa and preparing myself mentally for today’s adventure. You never know what you’ll find along the way – nothing is certain except that I’ll give my best effort so that everything turns out as we hope. This is a challenge!

Ana and Joan will be posting updates during the day here as the team will be in touch with them. What a great team, near and far – it’s a pleasure to share this adventure with them all.

Now it’s off to breakfast and then off to Ohanes!

Be Excellent!

2 Responses to “Ready, steady and off I go!”

  • Angela Elling:

    Goodluck Alex. There is nothing ‘mini’ about 82km! I am sure you will excel as always and raise lots of money for the charity. Keep safe and keep well. X x

  • Alex:

    Thanks so much Angela – it was wonderful! It was also extremely tough as I had to keep a steady pace all the way. Will write all about it next week. xxx

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