It’s not Cool to Dehydrate!

Here in Spain we are in the middle of a heat wave. This though, isn’t a reason not to train – it’s just an excuse. Forget all those who say that drinking water isn’t important while training – grab your pack, fill it with water, put on your cap, your shades, and some organic sun screen and…off you go! Collapsing with dehydration, fainting, or even worse, isn’t necessary if you are in good health and good shape. If you’re sick, feeling weak, have a virus, or just don’t feel well, it’s better not to train (not now during the heat wave, and not at all till you recover fully). Never train or compete when you’re ill. But if you are well, then all you need to do is hydrate 24 hours a day, and continue doing that while you are training. There isn’t any great mystery – we are at least 70% water, and when we sweat we need more…therefore when we train we need EVEN more. We’re human and we need to take care of ourselves.

You need to replace lost vitamins, minerals and salts – preferably use organic products, and preferably those that contain no colorants, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and any other dangerous chemicals.

Obviously take care with the training sessions themselves – better drop your pace, and lower your distance and intensity, but you during my 2010 km solo run 3 years ago when I was running some 70 km per day for 31 days during the hottes time of the year, I always ran at 36ºC and above. For a week or 10 days I was running my 9-14 hours at 42-46ºC. What’s my secret? Hydration and protection!

One little bottle of water or sports drink (many of which are bad for your health so beware!), isn’t enough. When I train during the summer, I never drink less than 1.5 litres of water for each hour and a half. That’s my minimum. During the 2010 km I drank around 12 litres of water per (day during and after running the 9-14 hrs). I didn’t get dehydrated once; in fact I have never allowed myself to get dehydrated during training or a challenge. Not because I’m super woman, because I’m not, simply because I take care of myself. Always – and not just for sports – my health comes first.

Always take care of yourself and forget what others say and do – regardless of whether they are pros or just amateurs – you don’t want to risk your health. It’s not cool.

Hydrate, cover up and off you go!

4 Responses to “It’s not Cool to Dehydrate!”

  • rosa:

    OK!! asĂ­ lo haremos campeona. Gracias por tus consejos. Un abrazo.

  • Alex:

    Un abrazo para ti Rosa!

  • Abel:

    Gracias por tus consejos Alex!!

    Por cierto…protecciĂłn solar biologico???….a que te refieres??…..he oido habla sobre el efecto de las cremas convencionales, que hay muchos estudias que demuestran que tienen un efecto totalmente al contrario. Si quieres te pasarĂ© algun enlace.
    I respecto a las bebidas isotonicas, yo me preparo la mia que me funciona muy bien, es la siguiente: el zumo de un limon, medio vaso de mosto ecologico, la medida de un chupito de agua de mar i rellenar el resto del vaso con agua. En vaso grande.
    Nada de comercial, el agua de mar tiene todas las sales que necesitamos.

    • Alex:

      Ahhhhhh Abel – estamos de acuerdos entonces! Biologico = ecologico/saludable/que no contiene todos los productos toxicos que estan en los productos normales del super y de la parafarmacia. Ya estas avisado tu veo!
      Me gusta me gusta – saber que poco a poco la gente van informandose que todo lo que encuantras en las tiendas normales no esta seguro y que puede ser peligroso.
      Un saludo

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