The Joys of August

The interview I had last week with Carles Aguilar of Onda Cero Radio was great – being a runner himself we had much to talk about, and it turns out that we agree on many aspects of out favourite sport. It was broadcast on Saturday afternoon. I hope to have it here tomorrow, Carles has sent it to me but I seem to be struggling with the download, and I need Siscu to help me.

Yesterday Oz, Jordi and I set off for a run at 3pm in the full heat of the afternoon. We decided to head for the hills, or rather I had decided, and they being brave didn’t complain! Halfway up the 7 km vertical ascent we were all bitterly regretting this decision… but as is the case with anything that makes you struggle, when we got to the top we were delighted despite the heat, the humidity and our general laziness.

But these are the joys of August – and if you can “enjoy” them with great friends, after there is always a cold shower and a delicious meal, which is all the tastier after having sweated so much.

Be Excellent!

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