Second Wind

With the mercury rising along with the humidity, one would think that I’d be suffering during my training runs and not enjoying a moment of them. The reality though is very different. I’m enjoying my running more than ever. Last week I thought that this newfound zest for kilometres was all due to the splendid company I have been keeping recently while training – Siscu, Oz, Quim and Fede – but although they are marvellous running companions, I have realised that I’m also thoroughly enjoying my solo training runs. What fun! What joy!

Lately I’ve been thriving running in the heat, the hills, in the early morning, along the National road (this is the one I really can’t understand!), and this morning running a 12 km run with the first 7 km a non-stop long, brutal uphill – I had a brilliant time! 80s music playing on my iPod, suffocating humidity, sweating like a beast, and full of joy for running…

Recently I’ve made a few changes to my plans, have taken some new decisions, and I believe that this has given me a second wind. This simply confirms what I already know, and what I always talk about in my motivational speaking – sometimes you need a change of direction in your life.

Tomorrow I’ll continue discussing all this, but now I need to stop and have my secnd shower of the day, get dressed, and then catch the train in to Barcelona for an interview on Onda Cero Radio – it will be broadcast on SatSunday.

Be excellent!

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