Forest, mountain, and much joy!

What better way to start the day than kilometrating through the heights of the Maresme coastline with a great friend? Yes yes, I know – Quim and Fede will be muttering to themselves “Well, starting the day doing the same, but through the mountains close to Lloret!”

Of course they’re right, but neither one nor the other is best. My run this Tuesday with both these proud Lloret inhabitants was marvellous – with the company of the local Lloret fauna running beside me and keeping me entertained, it cannot be less than marvellous.

But…running for two and a bit hours with Oz, conversing non-stop (apart from when nature called my dear friend), is all about celebrating excecise, mountains, common interests, and above all friendship. It doesn’t matter who your friend is, with whom you share your run, or any activity for that matter – the important thing is that it is with a friend in the true meaning of the word.

That said, we now have a house full of Danes, and tomorrow we will fill it with more human jewels for a barbeque – so now the time has come to take them along with Vito and Sheela for their afternoon walk, before beginning our lovely weekend.

For those of you who feel like a bit more philosophical reading than this blog entry, and who haven’t already read my latest article, follow this link (for those of you who have read it, you’ll have to wait till next week for more!):

Be Excellent!

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