Interview on Catalunya Radio with Adam Martín

Frank and I spent Saturday with our great friends Santi & Susi singing karaoke.  Yes yes, I know that this is a far cry from the topic of the previous bold entries, but hey, life luckily is not just about sports! As you can probably imagine, I’m not just an endurance runner, but also and endurance karaokeyer – I spent hours enjoying all my favorite 80s songs. I’m not too sure if the neighbors enjoyed my repertoire as much as I did, but from time to time it’s good to just have fun and not worry what the neighbors think…

Sunday was a very different day, somewhat more cerebral than Saturday, but a great pleasure nevertheless. I was interviewed on Catalunya Radio by Adam Martín on his show “El suplement d’estiu”.

As always, it was a great pleasure visiting Catalunya Radio and chatting with Adam, and it was even better being able to share my experiences and philosophies of life with all the listeners!

You can hear the podcast here: Podcast Interview Catalunya Radio

Be Excellent!

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