The 24-hour Chronicles NÂş 1: Setting Off

Friday the 13th began better than it ended. I was convinced that this inauspicious date would be good to me. Little did I know that it would bring plenty of horrors, not the sort usually associated with the date, but horrors nonetheless.

Mark arrived with Johnny to collect Frank and I from the Mould’s at 8.30 am and as planned, we set of at 8.45. Our drive up to London from Salisbury was uneventful and pleasant. I had slept well, breakfasted abundantly, had everything I needed with me, and was in high spirits; everything appeared in order and I felt excited to face another challenge.

The only cloud on the horizon was the fact that I had had the worst training period of my career preparing for this new adventure. To top that off, I had developed a very minor bother in my right knee a week earlier. I wasn’t happy about this, as I never run if I have any bother – I never want to risk an injury. But there was nothing too worrying so we had decided to continue – there was a lot at stake with everything in order and ready with Foodbank and Millwall FC.

I tried not to think about anything negative, and focused on all the positive aspects of the challenge.

After chatting happily for two hours we arrived up at Crystal Palace and found everything already well under way in terms of preparations. Mark Ward and Jamie had arrived an hour earlier, and the chip timing girls arrived at the same time as we did. The team was a hive of activity when my brother Con arrived shortly afterwards, and by the time Quim and Anna (who had arrived from Barcelona two days earlier) joined us, everything was almost ready.

With spirits high and the sun shining despite the bad weather forecast, I felt ready to face this new challenge. I felt it was going to be a positive experience, though I knew that it would no doubt have its extremely tough moments.

I didn’t know just how tough the next 24 hours were going to be though – had I known, I would definitely not have been so joyful and optimistic as I taped on my timing chip, adjusted my orange hair band one last time, and hugged Frank, Con and the rest of the team before walking up to the starting line as the chip timing girls began the countdown to one o’clock…
Be Excellent!

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  • Quim:

    Fue una mañana soleada, tranquila, en un fantástico escenario, Crystal Palace. Un estadio alejado de la frenética City, rodeado de jardines y otras instalaciones deportivas. A medida que se acercaba la salida la tensión estaba escondida en nuestro interior, no la exteriorizábamos pero sabíamos que a Alex le esperaban 24horas muy duras, y para certificarlo allí estaba el reloj digital con su silenciosa cuenta atrás. 5,4,3,2,1 Goooo Alex, gooooooooo!!!!

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