First 100 km..

Alex passed the first 100 km in 11 hours 20 minutes! She is doing good, but is starting to feel the tiredness. Also, now she is starting to have problems eating. Drinking is still fine. At present Chris Mould is running with her… he is planning on doing two hours with her. He is relieving Quim and Fede, who have already done a couple of hours with her.

Unfortunately, it has started raining strongly and it seems that it may continue all night. Bad luck. Now starts the tiredness of the night slowly and in an hour or two she will face the threat of her circadian rhytmn that want her to sleep…. We will be cheering her on….

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  • Hugo:

    Hi Alex, I’ve been following you throughout the night, looks a bit stinky now but keep it up you’re doing great. It would be better in a bikini and high heels of course but I’m not a runner so would understand if you don’t take up my suggestion for your next challenge.

    Some news for you, Annica & I are getting married!. It’s only taken us 20 years but hey what the hell. If you’re coming though you’ll have to become an ultra swimer as we will be doning it in the Caribbean after sailing there on Just Nuts! You have a few months though so you can finish your current challenges first!

    Any how, keep on running and say hi to Daphine! All the best /H

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