Only two weeks to go…the last 50 km!

After a super weekend in the Barcelona marathon expo promoting my June Running Camp, I ran the marathon on Sunday as part of my training schedule. I ran with Oz, Jordi, and Javi – it went exceedingly well and was a fun way to finish my heaviest training week.

On Monday I gave a talk for about 70 executives in Girona for Axxon, which also turned out to be a great success.

Between talks, conferences, the June running camp, training and logistical preparation for my April the 13th London challenge, I haven’t had much free time…but everything is going according to plan and I’m delighted with the results.

Next week I’ll taper my training even more and I’ll begin to really rest so that in two weeks I’ll be ready and fully re-charged to give it my all in the NSC at Crystal Palace for my challenge. On Monday I’ll post all the details of this new adventure. For now you can read about it here on the In Focus page.

Now it’s 4.15 am and I’ve just woken Frank up so he can drive me out to Tossa to pick up Fede and Quim who will be joining me for the first kms of my last medium-long training run of 50 kms!

Be Excellent!

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