Friends of the Snails

Yesterday, instead of having our usual lunch at home of open Danish sandwiches on German rye bread (rather international don’t you think?), Frank and I found ourselves at the Can Soteras Diagonal restaurant in Barcelona.

We had been invited by Moises Rodriguez of TV Española, as I was to be made an honorary member of the Association of Snail Gastronomy. I would rather call it the Brotherhood of the Snails after seeing how everyone but us tucked into the poor little molluscs at the lunch following the ceremony.

With Chus Garmendia, olympic horse rider, Vivi Ruano, ex olympic tennis player, and Fermin Cacho, ex athelte and Barcelona '92 olympic gold medallist

Basically this event is a gathering of personalities from TV, sports, the arts and the press, and is a fun, relaxed celebration, centred around snails. This event one of the great Barcelona traditions, and it was an honour and a pleasure to be chosen to join this year.

The irony of it all is that both Frank and I are vegetarians, and so rather than go to celebrate snails as a gastronomic delicacy, we went to celebrate our friends the snails – we carried the banner of the snails!

It was a lively fun celebration, and a great way to meet other athletes, as well as people from other very different circles – one of the few times we all get together.

So having kept faithful to our friends the snails, we returned home with my lovely snail medal after a fun and lively event – conscience free and ready for a hearty vegetarian dinner!

This morning’s 30 km run went smoothly and easily. I’m well into training now and going strong…

One Step More!

2 Responses to “Friends of the Snails”

  • estefi:

    genial………… lo vi en la prensa, y no se por que pense, que estariais¡¡¡¡¡
    que bien, estupendo.
    comisteis, lo que comen los caracoles….
    je je, besos besos y aupa esos entrenos, se ve todo perfecto, aqui o frio, o mucho viento. pero estamos en ello.
    besos , kms y +3 HOY, tarde¡¡¡¡

  • Alex:

    Jjajaja si comimos lo que comen dos caracoles pequeñiiiitos!
    Los entrenos van genial Рhoy con Jordi y ma̱ana con Oz!

    Alegría que sois +3 hoy! Besos y suerte para el mercadillo amiga.

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