A new season begins!

Having just returned from a very successful trip to London, it’s time for my new training season – it’s full throttle for the next three weeks. I will be raising my distance considerably each week, as well as preparing diligently for my executive programmes in Dubai. When I leave for Dubai at the end of the month, I’ll drop my training somewhat, and return to full volume on my return home in mid-March.

London was busy and fun, and extremely productive in terms of contacts for speaking engagements and preparation for my April and September Foodbank challenges. I had several meetings with my brother and manager regarding all of the above issues, as well as meeting with the key Trussell Trust people; Chris Mould, Mark Elling, Mark Ward, and Molly Hodson. I was delighted to meet Nick Gandon and his team from Cause 4 who will be helping in sponsorship and publicity. We visited “The Den” at Millwall to work out and tie down details for my 2nd arrival in April during Millwall Football Club’s home game against Leicester City. I was delighted with the meeting and with the Den Stadium – I can now really begin visualising the final minutes of my challenge!

I’m delighted to say that it was a great trip all around. For the first 4 days I stayed with my friend Daphine, who is in fact the reason I am involved with Foodbank. Frank then arrived on Friday and we spent the weekend together in Central London – the perfect end to a very positive visit.

Now it’s back to the grindstone in more familiar surroundings…

Always One Step More!

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