From Chilly Denmark

Frank and I have been in Denmark for the last 10 days or so, visiting family and semi-working. Unfortunately we couldn’t come without work, but nevertheless we are enjoying ourselves anyway. Tomorrow we begin our drive back, with a stop off in the South of Denmark to see some friends, and another in Germany to break our long drive home.
Here in Demark it’s as pretty as a Christmas card – the Danes love Christmas – all that’s missing is the snow to complete the wintry scene!

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  • Quim:

    Que tengáis un buen viaje de regreso.

  • Liz Burlumi:

    Hi Alex, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I know your Mum and we’re going to spend the day with her and meet your sister Anna and her kids on Wednesday this week….I FEEL I know you as I’m halfway through your book at the moment. I just can’t get my head around the distances you covered, day after day, despite the aching and the pains and the melting cheese and boiling jam, running through tempests and crazy high winds. I’ve been telling everyone about you (they know Yanna of course) and your fan club here in Western Crete is growing. I’m really glad to hear that you and Frank are taking some time out for once, visiting friends and family, though the cold isn’t much fun. Still, the Danes really know how to make everything look beautiful especially at Christmas time, so I’m sure you’re making the most of it – as is your philosophy in life!
    I’ve asked your Mum to get me a signed copy of your book for my son Theo (22 yrs) who is a keen sportsman & nuts about Spain. I’d better stop there otherwise I’ll run myself off the page. Oh, I’ll just say we walked up a mountain today, just a little 18km there and back, and we were all complaining of our sore legs and feet and bums (we are a little bit older than you but that’s no excuse!) and the subject of our discussion over drinks after was one Alex Panayotou – how does she do it?!
    On that note, enjoy the rest of your time in Denmark. Look forward to meeting you one day. Kilometrate! Liz :)

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