Positive Changes All Around!

It’s not been due to lack of things to say, but to lack of time that I’ve been so silent these last days. The last two weeks have brought changes all around, in my next two challenge dates, and in the dates for my executive programs in Dubai. All the date changes have been extremely positive, and have opened up opportunities for more projects for the next 12 months.

My next 2 UK Foodbank solo challenges will be in April, and September, and are promising to be truly wonderful events, apart from being gruelling challenges for me. In January I will be holding a sports seminar day here in Spain, followed by my executive courses in Dubai with CSMC. In May I will be hosting executive self -development 5-day sessions in the mountains here in Catalonia and in Greece for women from the Gulf. All this while writing my next book… and this will only get me through the 1st nine months of 2012.

What with training for the challenges, and the preparation for all the other motivational and leadership courses, topped with my book, I have no doubt that 2012 will be an inspirational, challenging and extremely fulfilling year.

Last Saturday I had the honour of receiving an award in the “Fem Pinya” prize giving, held in Casa del Mar in Barcelona, and hosted by ASEM Catalunya, the charity which I supported with all my challenges in 2010. I received the award for most support in fund-raising and in social awareness. ASEM is a nationwide foundation for people with neuro-muscular illnesses. It was a wonderful evening, which I shared with Frank and all our ASEM friends, their families, and Barcelona dignitaries. The positive attitude and warmth that is shared amongst all the people we have met through ASEM is what made the evening even more special.

With training on the rise – off I trot for my first 40 km after my 315 km…


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