Another sort of preparation

Over the last days as you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing as mucha as usual. This isn’t due to the fact that I have nothing to say. You now know me better than that – I’m rarely stuck fro words as you well know. No, here it’s a case of being stuck for time. I’m 100% concentrated on preparing my executive courses for CSMC in Dubai. I leave next week and begin the courses on the 28th. As with anything I do, I like to prepare myself as well as I can so as do give my best possible performance. This time is no different. As always I try to acheive personal excellence – this time is no different.

I’m also working on my next Foodbank challenge so, and beginning to train once again, so as you can imagine all this leave me with little time left over.

So please forgive me, though in a couple of days I’ll be back as usual, never fear, you can’t keep me quiet for too long!


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  • Quim:

    Que envidia más sana que me das…Dubai! Seguro que será una nueva experiencia fantástica. Ah! te llevaras las zapatillas de correr? :-)

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