Fondue in Zurich

And so the chronicles of my 315 km have ended, though in one sense, they are only just beginning; the preliminary work on my new book has begun, and very shortly I’ll be starting to write it.

Now comes some of the post-challenge analysis, but that will have to wait as I will be without internet for several days.

I’m writing this from above the clouds on my way to Zurich. I will be staying with my brother Constantine, before setting off tomorrow morning to Athens to visit my parents.

This afternoon I will be discussing my following two UK Foodbank challenges with Constantine, and no doubt we’ll come up with plenty of ideas. The challenges have already been decided, but now come all the details of the logistical preparations. So over tea this afternoon and fondue this evening, we will be working on my two adventures of 2012 – a great way to brainstorm!

The only downside is that Frank couldn’t come on this trip, as we were unable to find “babysitters” for Vito and Sheela. Frank is staying to look after them, though it’s also likely that they will be doing their fair share of looking after him too!

I’ll try to post a short blog tomorrow afternoon from Athens, before my mum’s internet gets cut, as she is moving house over the weekend.

So brainstorming, house moving and much chatting awaits me over the next few days…oh yes and yummy fondue followed by wonderful Greek taverna food!


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