A Trip down 315 Km Lane…

Today at 8am with the dawn, Vilaprat arrived at our home for breakfast and a trip down our collective 315 km memory lane. We reviewed maps, video clips and revisited all of our memories. I took down the detailed notes that I need to start work on my next book, as this challenge was so tough it has left me with many gaps in my memories.

Afterwards the 3 of us set off kilometrating some 12 km along the coast. It was wonderful to enjoy such a glorious afternoon as a team, without the stress, pain and exhaustion of the challenge.

Todays chronicle of the 315 km will have to wait until tomorrow as I have no time left to write it…I know, I know, you’re all hooked on the adventure…but you can always enjoy a previous one by reading my book “The Smile of Endurance” to keep you going! :)

See you tomorrow…


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