Logistics and Tapering

It’s been a very busy and productive week in terms of logistics and planning. I’ve managed to finish almost everything that needs to be done, leaving just a few things for me to complete next week, other than website updates, press releases team meetings and of course rest.

I’m now tapering down my training dramatically – something too often overlooked in athletes. Rest is as fundamentally important as physical training, and is the only way one can reach one’s top performance. This training period has gone phenomenally well, and I’m determined that I’ll arrive as rested as possible at the starting line of my daunting new adventure fully rested physically and mentally. Hence the tapering down in my training, and the importance of finishing all jobs and tasks by Monday or Tuesday at the latest so that I can start to rest mentally also. At the end of the day it will be my mental strength that will keep me running all the way from Salisbury to the NCFC’s Carrow road stadium in Norwich. My body will start me out, but my brain will be the power behind it all – and for that it needs rest.

My psychological preparation is also well under way – actually it has been for the last two months – but now is when I can fine tune it.

On Wednesday V and Vilaprat came round for a meeting to plan the timing of my challenge – it’s not as simple as setting off and running 315 km (not that that in itself is simple at all!) – the fact that I’ll be finishing at half time during the Canaries Vs Swans match gives me little room for error. Well we’ve calculated, planned, set in margin for error and unforeseen obstacles and we’ve come up with our timing schedule. Mark Elling of Trussell Trust, will drive the route next week and assuming it all seems in order, our timing schedule will remain as planned – more news and details on this next week.

Next week I’ll be posting news of the route, the team and various other details here on the website. The countdown is on and all sides are getting prepared and excited about this event – myself and my team here, the Trussell Trust foodbank network and the NCFC…there certainly isn’t a lack of enthusiasm or support from any side!

Last Thursday I gave a talk in ESADE business school – I have to say that it went marvelously well. I had full attendance and the audience was warm, animated, witty and very receptive. They left motivated and inspired, as did I – it was a truly enjoyable session. It was beautifully organized by ESADE, and with such a warm audience, it’s hard not to enjoy sharing.

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  • Anónimo:

    Hola, muy buenas. Me llamo Anónimo de nombre, y Veneciano de apellido. Soy una de las grandes promesas del atletismo mundial. De hecho, como tú sabes en primicia, este año igual intento conseguir lo que nadie ha hecho nunca, batir el record de la Maratón de Barcelona, y acabarla en menos de 42 km!!…Tus 90 km nocturnos me parecen psssche, ni frío ni caliente,insípidos,mucho salto temporal vi en el vídeo, mucho cachondeito, y pocos datos objetivos de que realmente corrieras lo que dices…no quiero amenazar, pero ya te descubrí lo del chip y el zorro aquel en otra travesía nocturna, y no quiero volver a desmontarte el teatrico. En fin, yo también estoy bajando entrenos, le doy mucha importancia al descanso, entreno un día y descanso veinte, cómo luego no funcione en las carreras me vas a oir…Suerte y ánimo para seguir preparando el trote ese de los 315 km, que vienen a ser como mi entreno medio de la semana, el que hago a más ritmito…porque el largo, al largo salgo con el pasaporte!…besos petarda irrepetible!.

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