101 reasons to run

Topping the list of resins are the opportunity to share this sport with so many amazing people, and the ability to help others while I follow my running carreer.

I just finished my 101 km training run – my last long run before my foodbank network solo run in October (actually in three weeks time I’ll already be kilometrating!). The 101 km went phenomenally well – the best session I’ve ever done, and that’s at the end of an extremely demanding training period. I’ve never been in better form.

This season I have made some radical changes to my running nutrition, and the results speak for themselves. I’m a vegetarian and I’ve been eating organic food for the last two years, but this season Siscu and I decided to try cutting out all commercial sports food from my nutrition: energy bars, energy gels, isotonic tablets and isotonic drinks. We’ve developed our own isotonic drink – chemical free, sugar free, sweetener free, and only using organic ingredients. I continue taking natural vitamins and minerals. We are delighted with the results.

Today I had no problem striving for personal excellence – it was easy to give it my absolute best effort to finish this training season. I’m in top shape physically and mentally for my upcoming challenge.
Vilaprat as always gave his best effort in supporting me all the way, and i was lucky enough to share several kilometers with Fede and Sergi.

Just when I’d run 81 km, my brother Constantine called me with some wonderful news tha tI’d been waiting for for several weeks regarding my upcoming challenge. I was already running smoothly and in high spirits, but his news gave me wings on my feet to carry me the last 20 km home.

On Monday I’ll be posting news regarding my challenge, but now it’s time for the three Rs – Rest, Recuperation and Raclette.

5 Responses to “101 reasons to run”

  • Frederic Guich:

    enhorabuena Alex!!

    ciertamente hoy te he visto mejor que nunca cunado nos hemos encontrado en la carretera verte hacer el avión después de 60km. era la prueba más fehaciente de que estabas excelente. Ánimo que ya esta a la vuelta de la esquina!!

  • Alex:

    Y tu ayudaste un montón Fede como siempre – fue todo un placer. Un abrazo y buen finde

  • Quim:

    Fantástico Alex! Increíble entreno. Es fenomenal que después de tu entreno más largo te sientas tan bien. Muchas felicidades.

  • Alex:

    Gracias Quim! Estoy muy content. Ahora empieza la bajada de entreno y el descanso – que lujo!

  • oz:

    Felicidades Alex!! cuanta energia tienes , ya que no son los 101 , sinó todos los dias de la semana que entrenas mas los 101kms y la suma es de escandalo!!! jua jua jua
    Un abrazo i buena recuperacion.

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