Mercury soars

The waether forecast for tomorrow says that the temperature will be even hotter  – joy for those who are still enjoying the beach, but not so for me with my long training run of 70 kilometres. As I cannot yet change the weather, and can’t stop training, I will need to do the only thing possible: take all precautions to protect myself as much as possible.

Though sleep is essential, due to the extreme condictions, we’ve decided that it’s best that I begin an hour earlier tomorrow – that’s to say at 5.30 am at the absolute latest. That way I’ll be able to advance along the coast with my headlamp considerable before sunrise. The humidity will still affect me at that hour, but not as baddly as it will a bit later on when it’s joined by the relentless sun. With more water than ever, cap, sunscreen, sandwiches, Vitanadh by Vitae, music, and great joy as always, I hope to be able to complete this run successfully.

Siscu and I will be waiting for Vilaprat at (poor Vilaprat!), who will leave me up in Platja d’Aro and accompany me for a while till it’s light, and will take the opportunity to film some of the training session.

An interesting day awaits me tomorrow – and you too, as you can follow me here on my website, by clicking on the live tracker – “Donde esta Alex”.


One Response to “Mercury soars”

  • vilaprat:

    A ver si esta vez aún no están los de las discotecas por la calle, pero lo dudo.

    Mañana tu entreno será como estar en Hollywood, además, no te preocupes, yo le enseñé todo lo que sabe a Steven Spielberg!

    Aún tengo el frontal en el coche, creo que te hará falta un buen ratito.

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