Training continues…

After Friday’s brutal 70 km I was wrecked – not only because of the run itself and the tremendous heat and humidity, but also because of the bug I’d caught. I take such great care of myself that I rarely get anything – in the last 3 years, I’ve hardly even had a cold. But from time to time, an unwanted bug slips through the door – and it seems that this is one of thoise times. I spent the whole weekend recovering.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing what I did – the only reason I set out on Friday for my run was that I am extremely good at listening to my body, and have no problem at all about cutting a session short if I sense there is something seriously wrong with me. I was perfectly prepared to stop at the first sign. Luckily though I managed to get through it, though it was made even tougher due to my less than perfect physical condition.

So now, as I’m almost back to normal, I’ll keep my schedule for this week. Tomorrow I’ll be running into BCN for a meeting. Hopefully I’ll have time to change out of my sodden clothes after my 42 km run!

Projects continue, as do preparations for my October challenge – within the next 3 weeks I’ll have all the news rerding that. And of course training continues…


2 Responses to “Training continues…”

  • Joanna:

    Hello Alex,
    Lovely to hear that you chased a nasty microbe eating your form and now you are regaining back your full forces.
    Have good preparations for your October challenge!
    Very warmly,

  • Alex:

    Thanks Joanna! Yes I hope the nasty bug has disappeared for good.
    You must have returned by now to Paris – I hope the rest of your trip was wonderful.
    I’ll keep you up to date as to my preparations for October.
    Hugs to you

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