15 invisible kilometres

This morning Siscu and I had the pleasure of a visit from Oz. He arrived early to join us for breakfast, followed by a run. Siscu was unable to join us for our 15 kilometres, due to too much work, so Oz and I set off running, after breakfast and a long chat with Siscu.

As we ran we talked, and talked, and talked, and talked some more, until, we suddenly found ourselves back at home.  “Where did the kms go?”, we asked ourselves when we arrived at our building. “We just ran 15 invisible kms!” I announced to Siscu, as we stepped inside – the kilometres had passed without Oz or me noticing even a single one, neither physically, nor mentally. And all this despite the fact that yesterday I ran 35 kilometres…

This is what happens when you are fortunate to share a run with a great friend – the kilometres melt away in the pleasure of the company.


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