Ready to roll…

Yesterday my interview on Catalunya Radio went really well. I was accompanied by Rosa Morató and her husband Pol Guillén. We discussed running in general, the latest trends and fads, and it’s growth here in Spain, amongst other things – all from the points of view of a traditional athlete (Rosa), a rnning afficionado (Pol) nad from and ultra endurance athlete (my good self). It was a sort of round table discussion, and it went really well – the company was wonderful, and Adam, the interviewer was competent and pleasant. All in all, not a bad way to spend Sunday morning, psecially considering that Siscu and I them went on to Martin and Sara’s house for brunch.

I’ve just finished writing my next article for Saber Vivir magazine – and now it’s time for a trot. Siscu and I will kilometrate together today, some 15 kms along the coast – a luxury for me to have his company.

Tomorrow about 35 km await me first thing in the morning, after which I will settle down at my laptop to begin writing the introduction to my next book, as finally I’m ready to roll…


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