Post Holidays

I’ve now survived the first week post holidays, and I must say that I’m delighted with the results.

Despite the fact that I’d planned a relaxing week so as not to shock my rather relaxed system too much, it was an extremely productive week. I managed to have several extremely positive meetings regarding speaking engagements, projects, and of course running challenges. I’ve begun regualar training again, as during my holidays, I trained without a program; running when, where, and only as much a s I felt like. Now it’s back to a schedule – 3 weeks of raising kms, followed by heavy preparation for my Autum challenge.

Finally on my list of things achieved in my first week back, is the base work for my next book – I’ll be beginning writing this week, and must say that I’m very excited to get stuck in again.

The following 10 months promise to be extremely busy, tough, exciting and challenging on all fronts, and I can definitely say that I’m ready for the challenge and the excitement of it all!


2 Responses to “Post Holidays”

  • oz:

    Fue genial la barbacoa!! me cantasteis el cumpleaños felic con pastel dedicado y todo y yo sin saberlo.
    Lo mejor … veros después de tanto tiempo al igual que a Martin , Sara , etc.

  • Alex:

    Absolutamente Oz Рfue lo mejor de nuestro regreso, estar con vosotros. Siempre cuando estamos juntos es especial, pero a veces aes mas especial Рdespu̩s de tanto tiempo sin veros fue estupendo, y mas aun porque por otra vez pudimos celebrar tu cumple juntos!

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