Holidays at last!

The days here in Greece have flown by, filled to the brim with work, books, family and friends – and it’s now time to leave.

For the first time in 5 years I’m taking a holiday of more than 5 days. Challenges, books and projects are wonderful, but a break is more than necessary, bothe ofr the body and for the mind.

Tomorrow Frank, Vito, Sheela and I are setting off fro 3 weeks of adventure, relaxation and new experinces – all free from stress, schedules and almost completely free from internet. We start in Zagorohoria and then slowly make our way back to Spain.

As always I leave my family and friends with a heavy heart, but this time my step is somewhat lighter after such a wonderful  and exciting visit…


2 Responses to “Holidays at last!”

  • Joanna:

    Hello Alex, I just have received a fantastic gift offered by IESE to all the attendees of Program for Management Development 2011 (do you remember the dinner with us in Barcelona?); by the way thank you so much for your so inspiring dedication. I just have started reading the book; I will be now kilometrating with you mentally… I wish you a lovely and fully relaxing holidays! Warmest regards, Joanna

  • Alex:

    Of course I remember the dinner with you all in Barcelona – how could I forget? I had a wonderful evening with you. I would have loved to have been with you all when you received the gift. I read this message on our return from holiday – thank you so much for writing – it means a great deal.
    I hope that by now you’re reading my book, and enjoying it – I look forward to your feedback.
    A special hug for you,

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