On our way…

We’re just about on our way – we’re off to Greece driving, Lock, stock, Siscu and the dogs! Three days of driving and ferry, and on Thursday we arrive in Greece.

We’ve had a bit of a delay with the English books – they arrived, but were not up to scratch. The publisher has returned them for a re print, so we’ll have 2 weeks delay, more or less on the orders. The important thing is though that they are the way they should be – we certainly don’t want the English book to be any less perfect than the Spanish.

I’ll be writing almost daily while we’re away – though I would have liked to have written more today. But what with the book delays, packing and house cleaning (Have house guests all the time we’re away) , it’s left me with little blogging time – more tomorrow from, Arenzano, Italy!


One Response to “On our way…”

  • vilaprat:

    Bueno … aún no habéis marchado y ya os echo de menos! Los obstáculos … simplemente hay que pasarlos. Lo importante es llegar al objetivo. Hay obstáculos que te rompen los planes, pero por suerte tu sonrisa tiene el poder de animar y dar mucha energía positiva.

    Que tengáis un super buen viaje los cuatro! Y no te olvides de llamar a diario y DISFRUTAR, DISFRUTAR, DISFRUTAR!!!!!

    Lots of work para cuando vuelvas.

    Aquí queda 55p

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