Know your weaknesses, but focus on your strengths

It’s always important to really know ourselves well, both our weak points and our strong points. The fact of knowing our weaknesses doesn’t mean that we must then focus on them. It’s quite the opposite actually. Once you’ve identified your weak points, and you’ve accepted them, you must stop thinking about them, and concentrate solely on your strengths. By doing this, you can begin to move ahead, and even enjoy the journey. Only our strong points can help us achieve our true potential, is we focus on our weaknesses it will only hold us back.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, we have talents in some things, just as we also have other things in which we are not so good. This is normal, its one of the laws of life. If we stay focussed on and complaining about all that we don’t have, or all that we can’t do, or of just how tough it will be to achieve what it is we want, then that’s exactly where we’ll stay – in the swamp of negativity, of pessimism, and of excuses for not doing things. It’s so much more productive and enriching to concentrate on all the tools we do have at our disposal, all the reasons we have to move ahead along our own path in search of our dreams.

Tomorrow I have the great pleasure of finally presenting “The Smile of Endurance” in Barcelona. I’ll be there, waiting for you all form 6.30 pm to begin the presentation at 7pm. It will be a great day for me; to be able to share this book with you, which is the result of so much work and so much care, and is in fact the realisation of one of my dreams.  Together we’ve shared so many of my adventures, it’s now time to share a literary one.


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