A few more Human Gems…

It seems an age ago since our friends Mark and Tim were here, though in reality it was Monday when we dropped them at the airport in Girona, all of us more than a little sad. Sad, not because we’d had such an awful time together, but on the contrary – because we’d had such marvellous days together that we would have liked them to continue.

Together we made great progress with the preparations for the big challenge next year, and a mini one prior to that. When people understand each other, everything is achieved with so much more delight.

We had a great time at the marathon – at least I did, kilometrating some 22 kms with Mark. Tim and Mark suffered some, but then a marathon without some suffering is hardly a marathon at all.

But more than anything was what we shared as people, friends and humans that made the weekend so precious. This is what Siscu & I spoke about on our way back from Girona, and of how fortunate we are in knowing and sharing such amazing times with human gems like them.

Today Siscu & I had the best run that I’ve had in months, and that he’s had since his operation a year ago. Hills galore through beautiful mountains, adventure and great joy – and now raclette!

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  • oz:

    Hola Alex!!

    La maraton estuvo genial , compartiendo con amigos como tu i Siscu , y alegria buenisima al tambien correrla Nuna y Antentas (capullin al no querer ayuda , creo!!!!) fue una mañana estupenda al compartirla con Jordi , Mar,Olga i Esteban , Javi , V y sus amigos, Vilaprat, padres, primos, tios amigos , hermanos de Nuna y alguno que se me olbida. Parece mentira de que hace solo 4 años que empece a córrer i todos los amigos que nos vimos en la maraton. Genial! lastima de que Mar i yo no pudimos despedirnos.
    Siscu ,la Pequeña Mar y yo etamos muy contentos por ti, al poder correr como una gacela por las montañas , oleoleole!!!

    Nos vemos pronto

  • Alex:

    Es increíble no, Oz? tan poco tiempo y tantas joyas humanas!
    Estupendo que por fin Siscu puede kilometrar en sus queridas monta̱as Рcomo gazela lelelellele

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