30 Years Later

There in the tiny village of Caussiniojouls near Béziers, the 30 years that had passed since I had last saw my friend Elena, disappeared as soon as I stepped out of the car. Obviously almost everything was different, but the essence still remained. We took up our friendship where we had left off, but now, we had the added luxury of getting to know each other’s families.

Siscu (Frank), Vito, Sheela and I had a wonderful time with her, her husband Tom, and three children, Clara, Lir & Maeve. Laughs, tenderness and food were abundant there, beside the Parc Nacional des Cévennes. Nature called us from the moment we arrived, and we enjoyed our runs as much as we did our walks with the dogs through the vines and mountain forests. Siscu and I returned with hearts, spirits and stomachs full (and I with some 5 new recepies to add to my repertoire!). And the dogs? Well, they simply didn’t want to leave ther – it’s that simple.

Today, I bid good morning to Monday ready again to face more chapters, more translation, and more editing. A change of scene and of air always helps you charge your batteries, but when this is combined with the pleasure of being with friends – well then it’s tenfold!

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