Despite the Distance

Tranquil days, full of warmth and joy, love and tenderness – what more can I have asked for? Nothing. This is what Siscu and I have had this Chrismas. Our fiend Mare, after 2 attempts, was finally unable to leave Ireland to spend Christmas with us, due to the awful weather there. So Siscu and I spent Christams with Sheela and Vito. Though we were sad that we didn’t have Mare’s company, we didn’t let it spoil the days – we had a lovely time.

Oz and Jordi arrived on Christmas Eve morning to run with us. All 4 of us enjoyed the day itself, our friendship and even the freezing rain that soaked us. The visit was our first present this Christmas.

Things never go exactly according to plan, but the important thing is to be able to know how to live all that is given to us, and to adapt ourselves to the changes when there are no solutions. Christmas for me is all about love, peace, joy, compassion, generosity, friendship and family. At times you can celebrate this with your loved ones, and at other times separately. But though the kilometres may separate us, pure hearts unite us, despite the distance. Emotions don’t need to change with distance – friendship or love can be celebrated regardless.

I have spent the days kilometrating with Siscu by my side, walking with the dogs, in the mountains, and celebrating all I have.  These simple days, tranquil and full of warmth have left me fuller even that all the lovely vegetarian Christmas food!


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