Women’s Strength

One of the topics that I’ve touched, perhaps less than others, but which I believe I should concentrate more on, is that of Women’s strength. Still today, in our society, women are taught that they do not have the same strength or abilities as men do. We are taught to play with dolls instead of to construct things. We are shown how to dress up instead of how to climb trees. I was lucky enough that my parents showed me how to do both things. I delighted in dressing up as a princess, parading around in long fairytale dresses, as much as I delighted in swinging from trees and playing outdoors, covered in mud. In this sense, I had a very balanced upbringing. This, together with my years in school in Ireland, my own life’s battles and experiences has helped give a broader view of my abilities. I don’t believe that both sexes are the same – it’s obvious that we are not – I believe that we are complimentary.

Self-confidence is one of the greatest gifts that parents and teachers can give children. In general it’s given more to boys than it is to girls, and this is then reflected and magnified in adults. Speaking with many women from many countries, I see a common thread uniting us, making us put on the brakes, and not allowing us to reach our full potential – fear. This fear invades so many lives, and is a sign of lack of self-confidence. If we don’t believe in ourselves and our abilities, we leave the door open to fear. Fear is one of the greatest obstacles in reaching achieving great things.

We cannot reach a single goal, achieve any challenge or live any dream if we let ourselves be lead by fear. We must feed our self-confidence, believe in our strength, and when fear comes knocking, just turn the key and lock the door. Leaving it locked.

We must stop measuring our abilities using masculine measurements. We have our own way of progressing and achieving our goals; we needn’t adopt male behaviour to do so. We needn’t lose our femininity to move ahead, to face obstacles and to achieve our goals. I believe that one aspect of our very femininity is in fact an innate strength – physical and mental.

I’m lucky enough to know many women who have broken these barriers and have managed to achieve self- confidence and have left fear behind. We must pass on this message, help share this strength with more women, and in doing so, banish this fear that blocks so many.

You who know me, know that this isn’t a subject which I write about often. This is because I’ve abandoned self-doubt along with my fear and my negative thoughts. Perhaps the most important thing that I have left far behind is the belief that I have to follow a masculine path if I want to succeed. I’ve created my own path and have abandoned all thoughts about “what I can achieve being a woman, and what I cannot achieve…” I’ve broken the masculine and feminine barriers and have left my path free of such obstacles. I know that I’ll find all sorts of obstacles ahead of me, but I want to be sure that those will not be due to lack of confidence or due to prejudice.

Though I have managed to overcome society’s laws, I know that many haven’t been so lucky, and that’s why I’m writing. As in everything, slowly, piece by piece, and hand in hand, men and women, we can help make the world a little better. Together we can help banish fear for others.

Both Siscu and I are excited about the arrival tomorrow of two of these strong women. Estefi and Carmen will be spending the weekend with us and will be running the Calella six-hour race. As we know, they will both do their best, and if at any point they weaken…well we’ll be there to remind them that they can!


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  • Nuna:


  • Javier:

    Hola Alex Javier corredor de aventura desde Uru america Muy importante tu opinion en referencia a la fuerza de las mujeres totalmente de acuerdo , te debo un mail ahi te enviare tambien comentarios complementarios de real valia para todas la mujeres dispuestas a enfrentar esos miedos y romper esas cadenas invisibles que les sacan libertad

    besos y exitos Javier

  • Alex:

    Gracias Javier – y con apoyo, mucho mas mujeres van a romper esas barreras y cadenas invisibles pero tan fuertes!

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