Today is the beginning of Advent – the period before Christmas. Though it is said that it is the period of the four Sundays before Christmas, it is generally accepted as December the 1st – December the 25th.

I’m not religious per se – I consider myself spiritual, I do see that my values and morals are in fact those which should be celebrated in the church, but his is a whole other theme for a different day. I adore Advent, as I do Christmas itself – though I certainly do not like where the world has come to regarding these holidays, or any holidays. Everything has been commercialised, as it has in every holiday celebration. We have hunted down all the holidays, religious and non-religious, and we have converted them into commercial celebrations. When I see how many loans are taken out for Christmas alone, it astounds me, it really does. We have forgotten the message, the essence of Christmas and other holidays, in a cloud of consumerism.

As I always speak the truth, I won’t stop now – I won’t say that I don’t enjoy receiving presents. I love receiving presents, but I enjoy giving them even more. But the most precious gift is that which comes from the heart: love, care, tenderness, friendship, generosity of character and of course joy. These things don’t cost anything, but without them everything loses value. If we can’t give ourselves, why give anything else?

This may seem obvious or simple, but it’s not. If it were, we wouldn’t be living the way we do, concentrating on little more than ourselves.

For me, Christmas is just one more opportunity to celebrate all I have in my life, though I don’t really need an excuse for that – I do it at every opportunity. If I couldn’t give and receive all the things that don’t cost anything with those I care about, these holidays would hold little value for me. Why? To exchange presents out of obligation? Never! I repeat – I love presents but never out of obligation – and the most precious presents are those that come from within us. They are what give value to all the others.

Yesterday Siscu and I had the opportunity to begin Advent a day early, with our ASEM friends. We went to Barcelona and participated in their Gym session. When I say participated – its what I really mean – we shared the whole session even played a basket ball game and attempted to learn their aerobics routine. We had a marvellous time! We didn’t stop chatting, laughing and sharing experiences – and all the while sweating. Unforgettable and precious are the words that come to mind when I think about yesterday and about our ASEM friends.

They gave us a handmade card decorated and signed by them – it’s a priceless gift – as is our friendship. We’ll certainly be returning to share more moments like yesterday and to celebrate life and all that we have.


7 Responses to “Advent”

  • vilaprat:

    Comparto 100% tu visión!

    • Alex:

      Cada vez vemos que tus filosofias son mucho como los nuestros Vilaprat – no tenía dudas de que ibas a estar de acuerdo con esta entrada!

  • Hola:saludos,deportistas.Esta bien reflexionar,sobre el Abviento,mas

    espiritual,que religiosa,estas reflexiones en voz alta,ayudan a todo

    apensar,que no esta mal,en estos tiempos tan combulsos,la crisis,economica nos hace reflexionar todo aquello,que apartir,ahora
    mismo,dejaremos de poseer,nos queda la todo,lo tengamos,aprendido,
    de nuestros,anteriores errores.Cuando dicen,de los herrores se aprende,no es una frase echa,vosotros los deportistas,poneis aprueba
    estas reflexiones.Cambiar,opiniones,para mejorar ok. adeu

    • Alex:

      Saludos Aries! La verdad es que tenemos que reflexionar siempre – no solo en los meomentos dificiles – así siempre podemos estar dando lo mejor de nosotros mismos…Siempre es un placer verte por aqui Aries!

  • Como colaboradores tuyos y desde luego de ASEM Catalunya,
    te enviamos un abrazo Alex.

  • Mªdel valle:

    Hola amiga Álex,

    Muchas gracias por venir a visitarnos a nuestra sesión de gimnasia,fué el día más bonito,lo pasamos muy bién todos juntos,compartiendo juntos alegrías,risas y experiéncias,fué un día familiar,muy bonito y especial,fué un día inolvidable,y el mejor día,el mejor regalo para nosotros fué que viniérais a visitarnos,espero que vengáis más veces,te queremos mucho todos Álex,un abrazo muy fuerte

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