Under the Torrential Rain

We arrived at my Mum’s home in the Northern suburbs of Athens after a trip of 4 days driving over from Barcelona. We had an enjoyable drive to Ancon, stopping in Arrenzano where we spent the afternoon and night (excuse to enjoy pizza and the Italian Riviera). Arriving in Ancona to catch the ferry to Greece, we discovered that the hotel in Arrenzano hadn’t returned our passports, and we hadn’t asked for them either…result: one more night in Italy to explore Ancona, eat one more pizza and wait for the hotel to send us our passports. All worked out well, and on Saturday we boarded the ferry. Another adventure ensued during the 25 hours of the trip (the time necessary for waiting, boarding, the 21 hours of the trip and the hour to disembark): how to convince Vito and Sheela to go to the toilet on deck (though now they allow dogs in some of the cabins, they have nowhere at all for when nature calls). We walked endless rounds on deck, all of us slipping around in the rain and high wind…result: after 20 hours and numerous attempts we convinced Vito to mark his territory, and as for Sheela, nothing. Nothing in 25 hours until we disembarked! We arrived last night at my Mum’s place, all of us delighted and celebrating to be on terra firma with toilets a plenty for all of us!

This is the first time that Vito has returned here in 7 and a half years, and it seems that he hasn’t forgotten a thing – he’s delighted to be here, as is Sheela with her first visit to Greece. It hasn’t stopped raining since we arrived in Ancona – it seems it travelled over with us. But under this torrential rain, we’re more than content. Now here Chez Mama, in front of the blazing fire, Sheela in front of me, Vito on one side, Siscu on the other, and La Mama in the kitchen preparing vegetarian delight, I can say that I’m tired from the trip but full of wonderful joy!


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