A day in the life of an Ultrakilometrator

Today I had the pleasure of the company of Ana and Julia from  M1 TV. They wanted to film me from early morning for their program “Carnet Esportiu” which will air next monday. This program will open the show’s new season. Their company was a pleasure for Siscu, Vito, Sheela and I. (Vito &Sheela are delighted that they’ll be on the show too!).

I’m almost finished with one more chapter – 2 more + the introduction.


4 Responses to “A day in the life of an Ultrakilometrator”

  • estefi:

    mmmmm. esto lo podremos ver desde lleida¡¡¡¡
    aupa, mañana tengo fiesta, es fiesta de san miguel, fiesta mayor, recuperada de piernas-cabeza.
    +2 a +4.
    PD. ganas de libro.

    • Alex:

      Si lo puedes ver? Genial!
      Fiesta hoy? Perfecto, exactamente lo que necesitas. Espero que lo estas disfrutando mucho junto con tu cachorro.
      Abrazos besos y sonrisas de 4 a 2

  • Dafni:

    Dear Alex,
    I am very happy for you and your running achievements! We were running together back in Greece at Anavryta (sometimes with Vitto, too!) and even back then I was impressed by your high mileage, and that was before you took up ultramarathon! Your running projects are excellent inspiration to runners across the world. Bravo.
    I am currently living in The Hague, Netherlands, working for the European Patent Office as a patent examiner. On 26/09/2010 I ran the marathon in rainy Berlin in 3:18. I train in the windy dunes!
    Greetings to your mother.

    • Alex:

      Dafni! When I saw your name, I instantly hoped it was you! What a lovely surprise, I have often thought of our wonderful runs – and you remember Vito too.
      Thank you so much for what you said – helping to inspire others helps me to in the toughest times.
      I hope life is treating you well. You must be recovering now from the marathon – singharitiria! Windy dunes, sound far from our alsos – but no doubt great training.
      I’ll send my mum your regards, she’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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