A Fluttering in my Stomach

It’s Sunday evening already and I have only a few hours left at home, the butterflies have begun their fluttering in my stomach. I’m excited, nervous and very emotional about setting off for San Sebastian tomorrow morning.

Oz and Mar will arrive early tomorrow, we’ll go out to Kilometrate a few kms, and Siscu will accompany us on his bike, and afterwards, at 9:30 at the latest, we’ll set off in the motor home (already “dressed”, packed and ready) for San Sebastian. Jordi will arrive by train on Tuesday Morning as tomorrow he has something to do in BCN.

On Friday afternoon, we sold the first of the Solidarity T-shirts and have many more reserved. Tomorrow we will have news here on the web about how the t-shirts can be ordered for those who are too far away to join us but want to support ASEM Catalunya.

V came for breakfast this morning and to finish up some details regarding his communication with the town halls, help us with some doubts about the route, and learn all the necessary language for co-habiting with Vito.Vito has adopted him for the next few days, and will live with him in San Sadurni until Stage 9, when they will both come out to join us all for the last 4 stages of the challenge. As soon as V had noted down Vito’s entire dictionary, Frank, Sheela, Vito, V and I went up to the mountain for a walk, after which Vito set off with V, and the rest of us returned home – I was more than a little sad saying goodbye to Vito.

V will be Base Camp fort the team, together with Ana and Joan, for monitoring my progress and communication. We’ll be exceedingly well supported by them, by Estefi, JMA and all the other people from further afield.

I have no more time to write today- I need all the rest I can get now. My emotions are high as is my excitement for setting off, and I have no doubt that we are all going to share an incredible adventure full of smiles, laughter and positive tears in among the suffering.

3 Responses to “A Fluttering in my Stomach”

  • estefi:

    el aleteo es para todos….
    yo, supongo, tambien es el desgaste de la boda y de estos ultimos dias (intensos…)ando cansada y llena.
    pero tengo aleteo “distante”.
    no veo, no oigo, pero si siento, siento todo como si estubiera alli con el equipo.
    sera un poder ultrafondista?
    el podernos aproximar en mente a los retos que nos pertenecen?
    no se, lo que si comparto ya con todos ,
    es el “aleteo distante”.
    Bessos y besos.
    km´s y buen viaje a todos.
    estefi +2.

    • Alex:

      Ya hemos dicho que la distancia entre nosotras no existe amiga mia. Estas aqui con nosotros como todo el equipo ademas pronto nos vermos!
      Los poderes son de ultrafondistas claro que si!
      Abrazos de todos aqui, de 5 para 2

  • Alex:

    Welcome Burton – hope you enjoy what I’m about to undertake this coming wednesday!

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