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Our Essential Running Camps launch in Spain this Summer!

Since 2012, I’ve been doing my Running Camps in the mountains of Zagori, Greece, and this summer we will be launching them in Spain, in the foothills of the Montseny mountain range just outside the village of Santa Maria de Palautordera – an ideal place to unwind from the stresses of everyday life , enjoy nature, tracks and fields or mountains and quiet while you learn everything you need to enjoy the long-term running smoothly.

There, you can focus on finding the necessary balance which is essential for runners of all levels. You’ll learn and develop the tools and habits needed to help yourself enjoy the long-term run and achieve your goals.

What’s involved in the Essential Running Camps?

Designed to help each runner  achieve their full potential both physically and mentally, while avoiding the most common mistakes made by most runners.

Each day there will be guided training runs,  with different groups according to the level of each runner, theory sessions, time for rest, and plenty of opportunities to share experiences and dreams with the rest of the runners. The training runs are designed for each group and may include routes on trails,  mountain tracks, roads,  rivers, peaks and even night training.

There are three types of camps:


These are designed for runners of all levels, from beginners to advanced who want to develop, strengthen and achieve their goals without injury, or major disappointments. They deal with mental preparation, strategy, injury prevention, nutrition, and the importance of rest and recovery, while teaching each person how to listen to their body.


These are aimed at experienced runners who want to tackle longer distances and get more in depth theory on not only  physical preparation, but more importantly in mental preparation, detailed planning, long-term goal setting, and individual issues such as nutrition, rest, recovery needs, and plans for long-term training.


These camps are held over long weekends and are for beginners who want to start running safely and want to ensure that they don’t fall into making the most common mistakes of new runners.


Our approach is tailored to each participant’s individual needs. These first camps are exclusive: there will only be gropus of 1-7 people, in order to ensure time for  individual theory sessions with each participant as well as  the group sessions.

The food is organic, international, homemade, and menus are chosen for flavor , and also for optimum atheltic performance.


“The truth is that they were excellent days, I  received more than I expected. When I went there I had high expectations, but all expectations ahve been greatly exceeded, both regarding the sporting and human aspects. It has been an enriching experience. We enjoyed spectacular scenery, delicious and hearty meals and wonderful company that made you feel like you were with friendsfrom the first moment . Sports, great atmosphere, great food and an beautiful setting. You cannot ask for more. For all I experienced, I reiterate my gratitude. “Joaquín León Cid, founder and CEO of HOKO ESPORT

“Alex’s Essential Running Camp in Papigo, Greece was a great sporting experience for me in that it allowed me to deepen and strengthen my knowledge of Running, which has now allowed me to train more efficiently and optimise my performance. The theory sessions were extremely interesting, and the Running routes took place in incredible mountain settings – beautiful and intense. I must add that all the camp staff were highly professional and attentive, a fact which resulted in a strong friendship between the runners. The accommodation and food were excellent, as was everything including the organisation of the program and the fact that there were different training groups according to the level of each runner. In short, an unforgettable personal and running experience.” X.P.G

“The return trip was fantastic, but the memories of the camp are unbeatable. Yesterday I saw the photos on the computer was very moved.

It exceeded all my expectations. Running was great, but meeting you, Frank and Yanna was the best of the surprises … “ NGR

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