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Route Book ready

Finally we have the roadbook ready – I hope to have it in a downloadable pdf in th epress page here today also. The timings are very approxiamte and conservative, and have included for several hours of “buffer” to allow for the planned arrival at Girona Cathedral.

Most of the jobs on my list have now been ticked off and now its time for me to begin resting and focussing on what awaits me next week…a kilometrar & be excellent!

The countdown has begun!

With just 8 days to the start of my 400 km solo run the team and I are tying up last details. Last Saturday Siscu, Tati and I drove the route again and after just two more changes we finally have the official route! Over the next few days I will be posting news of the route and challenge here and during the challenge the team will be postung news photos and videos.


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